Seed Library

Borrow – Grow – Harvest – Save – And Share!

All of our seeds have now found homes. Thank you to all that took the time to fill out our form. Your seeds will be delivered to your door shortly. 



**During this uncertain time the Pelham Public Library is taking all precautions to ensure your safety. Seed packages are handled with gloves, in a sanitized environment and sealed in envelopes using a wet sponge to minimize risk of exposure. If you have further questions about the handling and mailing of seed packages, please contact us.**

What is a seed library?

A seed library’s primary focus is on providing free and easy access to open pollinated seeds so that as many people as possible are growing their own organic food. A seed library also encourages and enables people to save seeds through awareness, education, and community celebrations aimed at reviving a seed saving culture.

Why is a seed library important?

Seed sharing is very important to our community and is significant to the local biodiversity that has been lost over the years.  This practice creates a resilient community that will enable a culture of preserving and sharing of open pollinated seeds with like minded individuals. A seed library helps contribute to this goal by providing access to a variety of open pollinated seeds and education of sustainability.

How to get seeds:

  • Visit the seed library located in the Fonthill Branch

  • Browse the Seed Library Catalogue

  • Select the packets of seeds you would like the borrow and complete a checkout form

  • Deposit the checkout form in the seed box

How to Return Seeds:

  • When the growing season is complete, harvest your seeds from the plants you grew. See the ‘How to Save Seeds‘ guide for more instructions

  • Place your harvested seeds in their own envelope and label it with the variety/vegetable type

  • Drop off your saved seeds at the Pelham Public Library and they will be added into the seed collection for the next year

Borrowing seeds from Pelham Plants is FREE!  However, your contribution to your Pelham community is INVALUABLE.

Pelham Plants asks that you not only save seeds for yourself but also for the seed library, allowing for them to be catalogued and check out by other Pelham community members.