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October Artist: Kate Gottli





About the Artist

I grew up in Beamsville and over the past 35 years there has been a huge spectrum of change in my hometown. While many of the farmer’s fields and brush has been paved and filled with subdivisions there are still quite a few wayfinding scenic markers that have seen minimal change. Even today I still have some favourite barns, buildings, and trees that are seemingly untouched or disinterested in the growth and progress happening around them.

There are a few vintage cameras from various family members that I have always kept on display as decor in my home. In 2018 I realized that Polaroid was creating film that actually worked in their (various) vintage cameras. I took a gamble and bought a few packs of film just to see if I could get anything out of it and was inspired by the results.

About the Project

I have always found joy in looking at a Polaroid image and being able to immediately recognize the location but not at all able to determine WHEN the photo was taken. What year? What decade, even? It isn’t always easy to tell. Instant photos have been around since the late 1940’s and depending on what’s in the picture there may be a lifespan much longer than that.

I started taking photos, making each one available for purchase for $5. My hope is that people would buy a photo or two on impulse because they’re reminded of a special place or time. The photo would live on a fridge or a bulletin board, or make its way into a box or drawer. In 15 years or so it will be rediscovered when a piece of furniture is moved or a closet gets cleaned out.