Curbside Service

ORDER - WAIT - PICK UP step 1 order library items: online through the library catalogue, by emailing library staff at, by calling library staff: 905-892-6443. step two wait to be notified by phone/email/text that material is available. step three pick up your items during curbside hours. call us when you arrive.

curbside hours/location. fonthill branch 905-892-6443 Monday 11am - 4pm, Tuesday 2pm-7pm, Friday 10am - 4pm. Maple Acre Branch (Fenwick) 905-892-5226. Thursday 1pm - 6pm


  • Make sure you know your order number or have your Library card with you.
  • Call the Library when you arrive and remain in your vehicle until you have spoken with a staff member.
  • Staff will place your items on the table outside the door.
  • Do not place returns on the pickup table. All returns must be put into the drop box.
  • Please wait to approach the pickup table until staff have re-entered the Library.
  • Maintain proper social distancing (2 metre separation) from other individuals picking up materials.
  • Use your order number or the last five digits of your library card to locate your items.
  • Do not touch any Library items that are not your own.
  • No entrance into the Library will be allowed for any reason.


1. Can I pick up items I had already been notified were waiting on the hold shelf prior to the Library closure?

Please wait to be contacted for pick up. Even if your item was already on the hold shelf when the Library closure began, we will still need a little time to organize and check out current holds. You will receive a notification when your items are ready.

2. I placed a hold on an item two days ago that the catalogue had marked as available. Why haven’t I received notification that my item is ready for pick up?

We apologize for the longer wait times. We are working to adjust to this new service and it may take longer than usual to receive items. If it becomes an unusually long wait, please contact the Library and we will look into the issue.

3. I received an email/text notification that my hold is ready for pick up. When can I pick up my item?

Please review the curbside pickup hours, locations, and etiquette. Either give us a call from your vehicle when you arrive or call us just prior to leaving. Make sure you know the last 5 digits of your Library card number when you arrive at the Library. (Your item(s) will be checked out to you before you arrive for pickup.)

4. I usually browse for my Library items. What can I do?

Call the Library and talk to a staff member during curbside service hours. We can help you to select items and place holds. It may take 2 – 5 days to prepare the items selected for you.

5. The item I want is not located at the Library I use. Can I have it delivered from a different location? Or, can I request an inter-library loan?

If the item is located at a different Pelham Public Library location it will take more than a week for the delivery. Delivery between LiNC libraries is not running at this time. If the item is at a different LiNC library (Lincoln, Fort Erie, Thorold, NOTL, or West Lincoln) you will need to contact the library location directly to find out what services they offer. Inter-library loans are not available at this time.

6. How are you insuring that Library items are safe to borrow?

We are taking every safety precaution to ensure community members and Library staff stay safe. Staff must stay home if they present any symptoms of illness. All returned Library materials are being quarantined for 72 hours (as recommended by SOLS & FOPL) after they are retrieved from the drop box. Library staff are washing hands, using hand sanitizer, and wearing face masks when handling any Library items. They are also being assigned to individual work stations, following cleaning protocols, and maintaining social distancing from each other and the public. As a precaution, you may wish to quarantine Library materials you pick up for an additional 72 hours before use.



7a. I cannot make it to the Library to pick up materials. Can I have materials dropped off to my home?

If you are unable to come to the Library because you are homebound or you are on home quarantine, please give us a call during curbside service hours. We will make arrangements to have Library staff or a volunteer deliver the materials to your doorstep.

7b. How do I return my materials if I am homebound or on home quarantine?

Call the Library during curbside service hours and we can arrange pickup. If you are on self-quarantine due to suspected COVID-19 or have tested positive for COVID-19, please contact us to extend the due date.

8. How many days do I have to pick up my holds?

Materials that are unclaimed will be checked in and put back into circulation after a week.

9. I returned my items two days ago in the drop box and I still see the item on my record. How can I ensure that you received the item and that I won’t be charged overdue fees for the days between drop off and when you check in the item?

Returned items will be quarantined for three days, but with the limited hours staff will be working, there may be a longer time period prior to check in. Fines incurred after the items were placed in the drop box will be removed.

10. I usually check out 20 DVDs at one time. What is the current limit?

Depending on the demands of the service, the Library may need to limit the number of items permitted per library card/family.

11. I noticed items placed on hold are checked out prior to pickup. Is the item due three weeks from check out or from pick up?

Items picked up while the Library is closed will have a longer due date to ensure you can enjoy the item for a full three weeks.

12. I borrowed a Launchpad for my child and instructions on the item state that it cannot be dropped off in a drop box. How do I return this item when the Library is closed?

Launchpads must be returned during curbside service hours. Please call Library staff to let us know you will be leaving them outside the Library doors. Make sure Library staff see you dropping the item off.